A Warm Welcome Matters!

By 10th January 2017Restaurants, Waiters
Restaurant Warm Welcome

Make sure your guests feel really welcome.

So, imagine your staff having the time to pay attention to the needs of your customers. Not just serving them the order they made, but really welcoming them to your establishment and adding the personal touch throughout their visit to ensure they feel content and at ease.

The benefits of doing so are well documented, and recent surveys suggest over 80% of diners feel it is of huge importance to the overall feel good experience. So much so, that a similar number would be deterred from returning anywhere with a poor welcome experience.

Of course, this “attention” takes up time. At your busy times it is hard to imagine your waiting staff having any free time at all. But what if you can streamline your processes through more efficient communications between the front of house and the kitchen? It could have an enormous knock on effect to how more in control your staff feel, and would give them the freedom to strike up the relationship and interaction that contemporary diners are looking for.

Consider also how many times your waiting staff have to trudge to the kitchen to see if an order is ready, or make sure the order they sent was clear, in a normal shift? Even if it’s only a couple of times an hour, it can soon add up to a lot of wasted time.

Ordinii utilises the power of technology to streamline processes, doing what computers are good at – communication. Automated calls to action are just one area your staff can gain time, even during your busy periods.

So, with Ordinii you can make sure your guests feel really welcome, informed and attended to and, more importantly, improve the chance that they will want to come back.

Author Mark Wrigley

Ordinii Commercial Director Over 20 years Sales & Marketing experience and team management in B2B Software Service & IT Industry, Product Development, Cloud Solutions, SaaS & Paas.

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