Waiter Upsell

By 21st February 2017Restaurants, Waiters
Waiter Upsell

Upsell or sell up!

Its remarkable the number of missed opportunities to upsell that take place in the average restaurant on most services.  This is perhaps partly to blame on the staff being stretched looking after a number of customers at peak times, the lack of knowledge of what items on the menu may complement a certain dish, or just forgetting to ask!

The popular and easy option to upsell is to offer a bowl of olives or some home baked artisan bread. Perhaps the focus should be on the more profitable opportunities to promote the higher value items such as wine and spirits during the ordering journey.

“I see you are ordering the Spiced Lamb with apricots.  Can I recommend Gewürztraminer as the perfect accompaniment with that dish?”, “Have you tried the Monbazillac with the Peach and Almond Tart? – Amazing!”

Perhaps the days of relying on waiting staff to remember what is the perfect accompaniment to your duck curry or braised shin of beef are now over.  You can now call on Ordinii to prompt the waiter, bar staff or even the customer direct to order the ideal accompaniment to various dishes.

The upsell feature within Ordinii allows the restaurant to set what items it would like to promote and the subtle recommendations are made for chosen or specific dishes through the menu at various points.  This feature also allows the management to keep a close eye on what promotions are working and can make live adjustments to the system mid service.  This flexible and intuitive technology can only improve the dining experience as well as driving profits for the restaurant.   Ordinii should be looked on as an additional and knowledgeable extra member of staff.

Ordinii also allows management to see which tables are taking advantage of the upsell opportunities and those that are not, so specific offers or discounts can be made.

The upsell is now not only in the hands of the restaurant, it is now thanks to Ordinii in the pocket of the diner too.

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