Technology Transforming Restaurants

By 13th January 2017Restaurants, Technology
Restaurant Technology

Modern technology for restaurants.

Trends over the last decade have produced the biggest tectonic shift in technology since Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.  Ordinii is now poised and ready to make its own dent in the world of restaurant technology.

Looking back it seems like the perfect storm for such a rapid and monumental change.  Significant trends converging like the late Steve Jobs introducing the first iPhone, shortly after announcing that it would run software programs, called mobile applications, or apps, from other companies.  Facebook skyrocketed in popularity, persuading internet users to establish their identities online.  Google was making it easier for other companies to integrate its mapping tool, Google Maps, into their own apps and websites.  All the while broadband internet use was booming and computers and smartphones were getting cheaper and more powerful.

In a short space of time it has become the norm for the world to run their lives online, through a mobile device that you can neatly fit in your pocket.

It seems a fitting time then for Ordinii to unleash mobile technology in restaurants. Enabling diners to locate a restaurant using the power of a smartphone, through its diner app and integrated mapping tool, finding bars & restaurants and table booking is easy…

The diner experience is enhanced further once you arrive in a restaurant chain.  Opportunities for self service from your smartphone, with mobile order and mobile pay… why wait?  No longer experience the tiresome ritual of hanging around to grab the attention of your busy waiter, only then to be presented with the bill and having to wait, yet again, for to the one and only card reader in the restaurant to come free.

With Ordinii’s payment app, just pay at the table.

For the restaurant operators this is all music to the ears!  Happy customers = customer loyalty and customer retention.

Ordinii’s restaurant app can bring your menu to life.  Add to that the potential for self service with seamless  restaurant communications, this will increase restaurant efficiency and restaurant savings, freeing up the waiter to improve table service and restaurant sales.

For those that prefer the more traditional diner experience bars & restaurants have to offer, then Ordinii’s waiter app is just the ticket!

Diners can place their table order with the waiter as usual and these are recorded by the waiter device.  These mobile orders form part of the same Ordinii restaurant solution and so reap all the same rewards.

Ordinii is transforming restaurant technology.

Author Scott Brighty

Ordinii Sales & Marketing 15 years B2B sales experience in IT, Technology and Geospatial Solutions leading Landmark’s sales and management teams & developing strategic partnerships within the geo-spatial market.

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