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By 19th December 2016Restaurants
Self Service Restaurant Technology

Then and now…

Please remove from your mind the vision of “self service” as a queue of customers grasping a slightly sticky yet wet tray, stacked with plates of pre-packed cakes or school dinner-style servings of unrecognisable lasagne dispatched by surly staff from beneath heat lamps that would look more at home on a 1970’s sun bed than in a restaurant.

It’s become an all too familiar sight, the “all you can eat” self service restaurant, where you are equipped with a very small plate to pile high with re-prepared “Chinese style dim sum” or “Authentic Thai green curry”.  You are also given clear instructions by the staff to only fill your plate when you have found somewhere to sit.  This is usually a table strewn with the remnants of the previous diner’s meal that had not only confined itself to the table but the seating too.

Lets now imagine the future and a different kind of self service.

The Ordinii version of “self service”.  You enter what looks to all intents and purposes like a “normal restaurant”.  You are met by a smartly dressed smiling member of staff who show you to your table.  It is clean and equipped with the obligatory cluster of condiments including olive oil, balsamic vinegar and rock salt in a pot.  There is a trendy old rustic tin that used to contain Italy’s finest plumb tomatoes, that has now been up-cycled in to a rather cool receptacle for the knives and forks.

Now comes the time to order what you would like to eat.  No dog-eared and stained menu on the table, no waiter hovering, no board on the wall that you can hardly see with todays specials…instead you grab your mobile phone and connect to Ordinii that seamlessly links to the restaurants in-house system.

On the screen before you is the full menu with every dish, drink, accompaniment and special at your finger tips.  You can browse through the menu, look at images of what each dish will look like, maybe watch the video about it.  Drill down in to a dishes calorific values, if its gluten free, suitable for coeliac or if it was made with locally sourced produce.  You then make your choice and the order is dispatched straight to the kitchen from your device.  You can watch a real-time countdown on when your meal will arrive while you enjoy the drinks you ordered direct with the bar.  Everything in the restaurant seems to run smoothly.  Meals are delivered on time to the right table and staff have time to go the extra mile in ensuring the whole experience is a memorable one.

When its time to pay and leave, this is also a simple task with the Ordinii payment option.  Simply view the bill, add a gratuity, a bit of feedback for the venue perhaps, choose how you want to pay and leave.  The receipt is emailed to you as you walk out of the door.

Ordinii takes the effort out of ordering and re-defines the meaning of self service.

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