Embracing Mobile Technology

By 7th February 2017Technology
mPOS mobile point of sale

Is it time for restaurants to catch up with mPOS?

The eating and drinking sector is not averse to mobile technologies, yet seems reluctant perhaps to embrace them fully. Mobile technology is now woven into our lives, and every day the clear majority are using some form of mobile device to carry out something of importance to the user.

mPOS (mobile Point of Sale) solutions have been widely available since the turn of the decade. The hospitality sector has arguably been slower than retail on the uptake and still appears to have not yet achieved wholesale adoption. Everyone has an opinion of course, but there is no getting away from how the mobile device will shape the future. The younger generations are expecting something from mobile technologies in the restaurants they choose to go to. To ignore it would be churlish, not least costly.


  • It doesn’t have to be a chore to implement.
  • It can save you money in terms of rentals and hardware outlay, and increase profits accordingly.
  • It can make time for your staff to interact with customers and try to positively encourage repeat business.
  • It helps improve communication between colleagues so mistakes in ordering and delivery are reduced.
  • It provides your customers with a “pocket waiter”, and your waiter with a less time stressed and happier customer.
  • It provides a payment app or some methodology to prevent your customers waiting around to settle the bill, and speeds up table turnaround.
  • It serves as a card payment and mobile wallet payment facility, while maintaining the high PCI security standards.
  • It provides the flexibility to be where you need to be to service your customers.
  • It gives your staff a tool to help them upsell, giving enticing information at the right moment so they become consultative sales people.

What’s not to embrace?

Restaurants all need to have a competitive edge over their peers. The achievable method for doing this is to engage a more streamlined ordering and payment process, while there is still time. It will provide a higher level of service, increase your profits and the integration into your current operations is painless.

Embrace the benefits of mPOS with Ordinii, and get ahead of the 72% of restaurants actively seeking out mobile technology.

Author Mark Wrigley

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