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By 15th December 2016Restaurants
Eat with your eyes

Eat with your eyes!

One of the more intriguing dining rituals is the desire for waiters to relieve a diner of their menu at the earliest convenience.   An obvious benefit perhaps is that it provides a bit of extra table space, but it seems far more likely this is as much down to tradition as anything else.  If you consider for a moment what a strange decision it is for a restaurant … why would any business take away their shop window?

Even a printed menu have the ability to entice a diner into ordering menu specials, or opt for that extra side and desert based on the inviting description.  Well let’s imagine for a moment we moved the game on a step and left menus with the diner.  Add to that the potential to bring your menu to life by not only providing more in-depth descriptions, but also tempting imagery and even high quality video.  Now that makes Ordinii a game changer.

How food looks is one of the first criteria we all use to make decisions about the food that we eat.  If a dish is visually appealing, it’s more appetizing.  For example, a rotisserie chicken makes your mouth water far more than a poached chicken breast.  A photo and tantalizing description can surpass the words of even the best waiters.  Unlike print, Ordinii provides an opportunity to find out far more about what the menu offers during the diner experience.  It also transforms even the most inexperienced servers into culinary experts.  The capacity to tempt is suddenly in a whole different league!

Digitising the diner experience.

In an industry where profit margins are small, the potential to increase restaurant sales is a big draw.  It’s clear that digitising the diner experience can make you spend more and in turn provide a welcome sales boost.  There’s a whole raft of further benefits of ‘going digital’ with Ordinii and embracing mobile technology in restaurants, such as diner preferences, saved orders, meal vouchers, customer loyalty and feedback, exclusive menu changes to name but a few.  Add to that providing the functionality for the diner to pay at the table without asking for the check, then voilà… time saving and faster table turn with Ordinii is all but guaranteed!

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