the ordering genie

App for Restauranteurs

For Restaurants

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Ordinii solution reduces waiting time, bottlenecks and payment hassles with instant comms, auto service monitoring, and instant payment.

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App for Diners

For Diners

Enjoy a Better Dining Experience

Ordinii is designed to remove the diner frustrations we all know so well, and help the restaurant improve service by the all important thing – communication.

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Change The Way Your Restaurant Works

Bring Your Menu to Life

  • Streamline internal communications
  • Reduce errors and empower staff with information
  • Improve table turnover and reduce staff overheads
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Ordinii Dining App

No More Restaurant Fuss

  • Find available tables in local restaurants
  • View, Order and Pay from your phone in advance or on-site
  • Remove frustrations and waiting times
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Save 15 minutes per table at your peak times and see what that does to your bottom line